Raise funds to show the strong commitment we have as a socially responsible company with the communities where we operate through community action programs in vulnerable sectors of society.

Dolphin Discovery will donate all of the funds from the interactive programs carried out on
Saturday 28th of April, 2018, from its 9 habitats abroad:

Cayman - Saint Kitts - Punta Cana
Ocho Rios - Montego Bay - Dolphin Cove Cayman - Gulf Wolrd Panama City

How will we do it?



In Mexico, between 5,000 and 6,000 new cases of cancer in children under 18 years old are annually estimated. The survival rate in Mexico is 56%. Cancer was the 5th general mortality cause and the 2nd between the non communicable diseases.

The ambulatory chemotherapy allows the patient to maintain his/her life without being hospitalized.

Saves days in bed and improves the quality of life as well as reducing the probabilities of infection or treatment abandonment.

Casa de la amistad para niños
con cáncer I.A.P.


  • To boost the survival rate of children of scarce resources with cancer in Mexico.


  • Disseminate the early detection of signs and symptoms of childhood cancer.
  • Provide comprehensive support to guarantee immediate treatments in the hospitals of the health sector.
  • Support the training of the medical staff and nurses to guarantee that they have the necessary and updated knowledge of their area.
  • Avoid the abandonment of the treatment through emotional, educational, nutritional support besides transportation and accommodation.


  • Ambulatory chemotherapy for children and adolescents of the north zone of Quintana Roo.


  • To enhance the security of high risk drugs.
  • Patient´s security culture in the medical attention establishments.
  • Follow up of the patient to control the disease.
  • Palliative care.


The education goal is to create possibilities for the children to create and discover new horizons.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nevertheless, it is limited many times to the orphans bcause of lack of economic resources to access to it. Our compromise is that not a single kid stays without the possibility of improving his/her world through a comprehensive education.

Fundación Questro A.C.


  • Promote the sustainable development of the community in Los Cabos through a comprehensive education.


  • Provide academic scholarships to children, and young people of scarce resources so that they can continue with their studies.
  • Donate bicycles for children and young people of scarce resources so that they can use them as a way of transportation to go to school.
  • Donate books to schools of scarce resources.
  • Support schools of scarce resources with construction material and furnishing.
  • Donate uniforms.


Climate change is a very complex subject and must be explained in a simple lenguage to the general population. Therefore, its necessary to bring out the subject in schools, creating synergies between education and science through the enhancement of the capacities of the students and teachers.

Latin american and caribbean countries have net average income, with growing economies based on the exploitation of natural resources and with higher consuming levels. Also, its necessary to develop adaptive actions regarding climate change and carry out activities to create awareness on the impact it has in our environment to be able to do something and take action to reduce the carbon dioxide footprint.

Secretaría de ecología y medio ambiente


  • Re opening and operation of the Climate Change Education Center in cancun


  • Provide environmental education to the elementary students of the public and private sector of Quintana Roo to give them scientific information about subjects regarding climate change, its mitigation and adaptation, to create awareness in the visitors every day life actions to benefit the environment.


Economic problems, vulnerable contexts, bad life choices, and domestic violence, are some of the reasons why a person ends up in the streets.

Currently, there are few foundations and associations dedicated to support people in the streets for not having the proper facilities and not being able to offer them a place to live and a proper lifestyle regarding education and diet for their age.

Orgullo Ciudadano A.C.


  • Established on December 16 2009
  • Provides attention to the elderly regarding diet, social integration, clothing, health support, among others.
  • Presents the rights of the elderly.
  • Currently, it gives support to 105 elderly people and their families.

Vida y familia A.C.


  • Since 1995 it has helped more than 34,393 women with unplanned pregnancies to find better alternatives to improve their lives.
  • Supports pregnant women in a vulerable state that face an unwanted pregnancy and who need help to prosper with their children and to have better life conditions.
  • The offer housing for single mothers so thath they can live their pregnancy with peace of mind.
  • Provide training programs for the psycological and educational support of women.

Hogares Providencia I.A.P


  • Since 1979 it has helped more than 6850 children and young people in the street and in an abandonment situation in Mexico City.
  • Its objective is to rescue children and adolescents that are building their lives with no family or social base.
  • Provide shelter medial and psychological services, and information for the community.

Refugio infantil Santa Esperanza A.C.


  • Founded in 2001 by the nuns known as "Carmelitas" in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Provide a safe and clean enviroment filled with love for the orphans or for the children who are at risk in their own homes.
  • Today, they have the capacity to help 50 boys and girls.